Nicole was recently interviewed on Rising Springs.

Nicole Sciacca isn’t your average yoga teacher. She’s your average everything…and that’s exactly the way she wants it.

Don’t be fooled: On the surface, Nicole’s life is one, giant aspirational resume. She began her career as a top dancer. Like, tip top. Then, she single-handedly opened a premium yoga and cycling studio in Venice, CA before it was the Venice Instagram portrays it as today.

And, she now teaches for at a peak yoga studio in LA, Playlist Yoga, along with through the wildly popular Aaptiv training app. Oh, she’s also a single mom.

So while it’s clear she’s got mad talent, enviable drive and superhuman skills, those are not the things she leads with… She leads with heart. Raw, red, beating, unfiltered heart. She leads with what makes her normal – what makes us all normal – the desire to authentically connect with others.

You see, Nicole is a living, breathing, sweating celebration of being exceptional by being normal. She shares it all – and not just the ups or the downs, but the in-betweens. She finds the commonalities present in even the most externally glamorous feats and publicizes them. Unwaveringly broadcasting her steady, unadulterated voice IRL and on social media is a ballsy task, especially within the more-often-than-not vain fitness industry, but she pulls it off in a way that makes us want to #LIVEUNFILTERED, too.

Get to know Nicole and pick up a few gems on how she keeps her head on straight in an age of many – literal and figurative – filters.

Read the interview in full here.