Carpe the diem out of these spring days. We’re walking and hiking everywhere and adding this simple yoga flow warm-up to all our outdoor routines…

SWAPPING THE GYM for the great outdoors? Same. Come spring there’s no stopping us from walking, jogging and hiking all over our weekends — and we love the idea of warming things up with this elegant, mind-calming routine from Playlist Yoga’s Chief Yoga Officer, Nicole Sciacca. Get stretched out, warmed up and ready to hit the trails…

This sequence can be used as a “dynamic stretch” where you breathe and flow while enhancing circulation and preparing the muscles for exercise and movement. We are focusing on the quadriceps or fronts of the thighs, the hamstrings or back of the legs, calves, hip flexors and psoas. The psoas (along with other muscles in the leg and hip) helps flex and extend the hip joint, which are prominent movements when you run, walk or hike. This flow would be ideal before a walk or hike. It could also be a great flow for a long day sitting at the office or in a car.


photo: Caddie Hastings


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