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Katie Horwitch

YOGA PRO NICOLE SCIACCA IS NO STRANGER TO BALANCE, ON AND OFF THE MAT: learning the ins and outs of motherhood and business simultaneously, as well as juggling a full teaching schedule, might made some people go into a tizzy. Yet Nicole does it while still keeping a positive, proactive attitude and her focus empathetically on what’s best for those around her. When a spine injury sidelined her dancing career, Nicole turned to yoga for both a physical and emotional outlet. Little did she know it would change the trajectory of her life!

Fast forward to the present moment, and her boutique yoga and spin studio Hustle and Flow Fitness on Venice Beach’s trendy Abbott Kinney Blvd has created a unique family of like minded individuals and a warm, welcoming environment for all. And Nicole’s classes are no different – challenging yet empowering, focused yet filled with laughter, dynamic one moment and restorative the next, Nicole always seems to know exactly what each individual yogi needs to find their best self no matter what the experience level. Attending her class is like hanging around with your best girlfriend – literally (more on handstands later!) Read on to find out how Nicole stays grounded, passionate, and purpose-filled – you might just pick up a few life lessons yourself!

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