Nicole will be speaking at the female founders panel and teaching yoga at the Good Festival. Downtown Los Angeles, February 3rd.

GOOD is first and foremost a community of support — a space to connect, share, grow, and lean in.

GOOD is for anyone who understands that wellness is a lifestyle, not just something you do when life allows you to “get around to it”. It’s for the people who’ve been bitten by the wellness bug, but want more. The GOOD Festival is for anyone who wants to make choices that are in alignment with their body, their career, and their lives.

Because you want to be in a place where people get you. Where you don’t have to apologize for eating a piece of bread even if you’re mostly gluten-free. There will be no body shaming, judgement or regimented diets here.

Attend if you’d like to meet other people who also live for spin class, drink their greens, and just get it.

Join us if you want to know how to create the balance between being a parent, professional, or student, and taking care of yourself. If you want to be surrounded by inspiring brands who you’ve seen on Instagram. Attend if you want to go home feeling like a badass because you drank green juice, meditated, powwowed with some smart and sassy people, completed an amazing workout and connected with expert speakers who are inspiring and approachable.

You’ll leave feeling connected to like-minded individuals who are on the same page and can make your wellness journey more…fun.